Why starting a business is a lot like getting married

If you plan on starting a business with others it's important to know how to protect yourself before getting started. It's a lot easier to do this prior to signing an agreement to be in business with others than after. Make sure to protect yourself with these key tips.

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The ONE lesson you need to know about business

If you're not "in" business, you can't get business. This article talks about how to ride through the peaks and valleys of business ownership.

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Difficult Conversations: why, as a business owner, you need to get used to having them.

As a business owner you are going to have many difficult conversations over the course of your career. Here's why you have to have them, and how to get comfortable doing it. Difficult conversations ugh. Who likes them? Most people do everything in their power to avoid confrontation and difficult situations. But as a business owner, the fact is, you are more than likely going to be the one to have most, if not all, of those difficult conversations. Get used to having difficult conversations. Everyday

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