About Us

jmackJennifer MacKinnon, CEO of Fenix Solutions started the Ottawa Women of Wonder column in 2011 as a means of promoting successful and accomplished business women in Ottawa.

"In the 16 years I have been running Fenix, I have met many accomplished and amazing women who I had otherwise never heard of," reveals Jennifer. "And my natural curiosity emboldened me to find out more about how they  became CFOs, CEOs, Partners and leaders in their fields. These women inspired me, and proved that Ottawa is a place for women to create exciting and fulfilling careers; I decided I had to share their stories." 

This column is a passion project for Jennifer. As the CEO of Fenix she runs a team of 11 employees building enterprise class web software applications and the deployment of CMS solutions such as Drupal.  With clients including Alcatel Lucent, Nokia, Grapevine, NAV CANADA, Canadian Lung Association and more, Fenix has established itself with a reputation for quality and innovation.

- This site is dedicated to my mum . The first, and most important, female influence in my life. She is tiny but fierce, compassionate yet stoic, and generous beyond measure. She brought me up to believe I could do anything, and I've never thought otherwise. Thank you mum, for reading every article and always having a supportive, encouraging reply. You are my most faithful reader, and important person in my life.