Meeting Andi Marcus will make you smile. She is instantly approachable, has a wicked sense of humour and loves to laugh. As the CEO of Mistura, a successful cosmetics company, she is quite possibly living every girl’s dream.

I surround myself with people I like

In her 20’s while living outside of Oxford with two young boys, Andi fell in love with the Avent brand of products, particularly their breastfeeding products. Upon her return to Canada ,and unable to find Avent products here, she contacted the rubber manufacturer that made the Avent products and secured a deal to sell the products in Canada. To all of the mommies who have given birth since, and have used Avent products, you can thank Andi for bringing them to Canada.

Dragons’ Den was an experience. It turned me into a business owner

After selling that business Andi started looking for something new.  Having bought makeup at a trade show in Toronto, she loved the products but hated the multiple steps, and products, required to get the “right” look. “I remember fussing with the products and telling my husband I wish there was one product that did it all; that would be so much easier,” Andi shares. “He told me to make one.” Initially thinking the idea was crazy she realized that if she wanted simplicity and beauty, perhaps other women did too.

Despite the major players dominating the cosmetic industry, Andi was certain the “one step” simplicity format would be appealing. Bolstered by her research she began meeting with Private Label Manufacturers (PLM) across Canada and the US finally settling one on in Long Island, NY who happened to have a product sitting on the shelf that hadn’t been used in years. The PLM reworked the formula and Andi’s brand was born. 

I Googled my way through the cosmetics industry

Testing it on as many women as she could find over the course of a year eventually lead to the final and perfect formula that would bring one colour choice to all skin tones and replace the need for six individual products. And women wanted it; Andi was supplying national chains like Rexall with her product in 300 stores across Canada.

And then came the Dragon’s Den. “Getting invited to present on the Dragons’ Den was a critical factor in our success,” explains Andi. “I couldn’t have paid for that 8 minutes of television air time; the exposure we received from the show was life changing,” she adds. In fact, Mistura grew 1100% after the show aired. 

What do her two sons ages 16 and 19 think of all of it? “They think it’s pretty cool,” Andi confesses. “The boys, along with my hubby, work at Mistura. It’s nice to have them here and be part of the business.”  

Family is very important to Andi. “We don’t live for weekends; we do mid-week shenanigans. Cards, dinner, vinyl night, get-togethers….these happen at anytime,” Andi shares. “I love to laugh and I have learned to surround myself with people I like. I’ve learned to be positive and now make my decisions based on that, “she shares. “If it isn’t positive I’m not doing it.” Words to live, and laugh, by.

Quick Facts:

1) I speak 4 languages (and understand 6)
2) I love to laugh
3) I'd love to be a stand up comedian