When I first met Susan Blain she was wearing a t-shirt that read Vulnerability is Power. “I designed these tee shirts myself,” she exudes. “These are things I believe in and I share them outwardly. They act, at the very least, as a conversation starter.”

“Life has a way of distracting us from our focus”

And conversation is her career. Launching her new company “ON Business” this fall, the company’s focus is to develop marketing videos to help tell client stories from the heart. “I create the video for clients and act as the facilitator, host and conversation starter, for an authentic, interesting, yet purposeful video that can be used to market the company,” explains Susan.

“The (life) journey is about the betterment of oneself for the greater good; and the betterment of oneself is a process”

Building relationships, making connections and establishing an emotional connection with viewers are the key attributes to Susan’s business vision, and clearly part of her success to date. “You have to tap into your super powers; I am vulnerable and I show it “ I believe our vulnerability, and having the courage to share it, connects us as human beings" ,” describes Susan.

“Be non-judgemental toward other people”

Having worked at the Ottawa Business Journal for over 13 years, Susan built her career upon relationship building and sales. “I love the psychology behind sales; I love to know why people do what they do,” reveals Susan. “And I was always surrounded by entrepreneurial and successful business people.  I loved their energy and their drive. I was drawn to it.”

“Wisdom happens when we learn the lessons”

The desire for an emotional connection in her career may stem from being raised by a single mother. “My mom was a single mother and she was busy. She worked hard and she raised us, but she didn’t have time to raise us emotionally,” Susan explains.

“Tap into your superpowers”

Business ownership was not Susan’s first love. “I never wanted to be a business person. I wanted to be an actress, a singer, a performer. I landed an audition at George Brown College, but my mom didn’t support it, so I never pursued it. I bought into her fears,” she reveals.

Today, Susan is a mom herself. “I am teaching my daughter the fundamentals of self worth and confidence, which I didn’t have when I was younger,” Susan provides. Susan additionally runs a workshop for women on Self Esteem, something she has struggled with in her lifetime.

“I am on a continual journey of self reflection; I am my biggest subject,” Susan reveals. For over 20 years I have actively sought out hundreds of seminars and workshops to help me overcome some of the things I struggle with. And then I put those lessons into practice, and now I teach.”

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