Melany Gallant

When I first heard of the networking event Geek Girl Dinners Ottawa I remember thinking I wish I had thought of that. What a great idea; bring together women in technology to network, learn and connect in an engaging and interesting format.

Jen Winter

I get to meet the most interesting women writing this column.

Andi Marcus

Meeting Andi Marcus will make you smile. She is instantly approachable, has a wicked sense of humour and loves to laugh. As the CEO of Mistura, a successful cosmetics company, she is quite possibly living every girl’s dream. I surround myself with people I like

Joelle Parenteau

Joelle is the kind of woman that makes this column, and the Ottawa entrepreneur landscape, so exciting. She launched her start up less than one year ago and the business is moving at lightning speed.

Fiona Gilligan

Fiona Gilligan will tell you she is a typical entrepreneur; an abrupt catalyst in her life lead to an opportunity to start her own business, despite no formal business background or training.

Victoria Lennox

I continue to be amazed by the calibre of the women I meet through this column. And Victoria Lennox is no exception. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Startup Canada,Victoria has accomplished so much in such a short timeframe that it is almost mind boggling.

Tracey Clark

"By accident." That's the answer provided by Tracey Clark, President & CEO of Bridgehead Coffee, when I asked how she found herself in the business of coffee. Yet, looking back at her journey, it may have been more serendipitous than accidental.