Nancy Graham

It took Nancy Graham 20 years to become an overnight success. “Being a wealth manager is not an easy business to build; but I knew I could do it,” Nancy explains.

Cheryl Jensen

Cheryl Jensen is the first ever female President of Algonquin College. 

Colleen Francis

If you think sales is all about being a fast talker, you’d be wrong. Today’s sales techniques are about being an active listener, building relationships and listening to your intuition.

Debi Rosati

Positive energy. That's one of many descriptions that come to mind upon meeting Deborah Rosati, President of RosatiNet. Upon meeting Deborah for the first time I was struck by the wonderful positive energy she exuded. She is filled with bright, light, positive energy and enthusiasm. And it's infectious.

Tracey Clark

"By accident." That's the answer provided by Tracey Clark, President & CEO of Bridgehead Coffee, when I asked how she found herself in the business of coffee. Yet, looking back at her journey, it may have been more serendipitous than accidental.